Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beatles, Vatican foregiveness, Ringo rings the Pope's chimes

Ringo rings the Pope's chimes

You just have to love Ringo telling the Vatican where to put it over past allegations that he was a satinist of some variety.  Hidden messages and Rosemary's Baby aside, all the marketing of the Devil Inc is yesterday's news.   I think the Pope Inc may be overreaching here to shall we say take the heat off certain other matters.

I suppose you can see why the Pope Inc was rattled by Lennon's comments, after all he did exclaim, "We are bigger than Jesus", but competition never hurts right?  Now, the music of the Beatles is "beautiful", anointed as it should be with holy water, and the LSD et al has long since worn off and you can't buy good acid these days anyway.

Ringo sums this up..."Didn't the Vatican say we were Satanic or possibly Satanic? And they've still forgiven us? "I think the Vatican, they've got more to talk about than the Beatles."

Heaven says - you go Ringo!

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